The events of Persona 2 (both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment) take place in the fictional Sumaru City, though many features of the city differ from game to game (such as the exact name or location of various bars/restaurants, character homes, and so on).

In Eternal Punishment, it is a seaside city with six wards: Rengedai, Hirasaka, Yumezaki, Aoba, Konan, and Narumi.

In-game, Sumaru City is named after a historical feudal warlord known as Kiyotada Sumaru that ruled the area during the Warring States Period of Japan.


Home to several important locations, including Seven Sisters High School (where Tatsuya Suou and Lisa Silverman attend), Honmaru ParkMount IwatoAraya (Alaya) Shine, and Lotus Plaza, the ward’s mall.

Lotus Plaza is home to several shops, including Kaori (a perfume/aromatherapy shop), the Time Castle clock shop (that later sells Spell Cards thanks to a rumor), Gatten Sushi (where players can get status-enhancing food and speak to certain rumormongers), Satomi Tadashi (a drugstore), and the mysterious Velvet Room (where players can summon, stock and modify the abilities of Persona users).


This ward is where players can find Kasugayama High School (nicknamed Kasu High) where former Persona 2: Innocent Sin characters Eikichi Mishina and Jun Kashihara attend, along with Smile MallSumaru Prison, and Kameya Alley (a shopping district that’s home to Tominaga ChiropracticRed Lantern Shiraishi, a pub with a unique menu; Toa Armory; another Satomi Tadashi, and another entrance to the Velvet Room).


Home to fitness gym GOLD (Ulala’s hangout), along with casino/game center Mu Continent, the inaccessible Pachinko Silver, the nightclub Club Zodiac, The Seedy CD music shop, and the shopping district Central Avenue (home to tanning/healing salon Bikini Line; fast-food chain Peace Diner; a sidewalk stall operated by a foreign exchange student with suspicious ties to the Sicilian Mafia, Tony’s Shop,  yet another Satomi Tadashi, and another entrance to the Velvet Room).


Home to Maya’s workplace, Kismet Publishing, along with Sumaru TVAoba Park, and shopping area Aoba Drive, where you can find Etheria spa, W-Slash/2X Slash (an internet cafe), Parabellum bar, Rosa Candida boutique that sells “fashionable armor,” Kuzunoha Detective AgencyClair de Lune restaurant (after a rumor is spread; the shop also sells weapons/armor after another rumor is spread), and additional branches of both Satomi Tadashi and the Velvet Room.


Home to Katsuya’s workplace, the Konan Police Department, Maya and Ulala’s apartment complex (Lunar Palace), the Sky MuseumEbisu Beach, an abandoned factory, and the Seaside Mall, which is home to Hiiragi Psychotherapy (for healing services), Johnny Roger bar, the Sumaru Genie fortuneteller, jewelry/blacksmith Padparacha (if the right rumor is spread), and yet another Satomi Tadashi and Velvet Room entrance.

Konan is also home to Mount Mifune, which is only accessible early in the game when the players have to head to the Morimoto Sanitarium.


Baofu’s Lair is here, along with the Penthouse Suite in the Hotel Pleiades that characters Kei Nanjo and Eriko Kirishima stay in. Narumi is also where players can find the Yacht Harbor, the Sewer Entrance, an Abandoned Subway, and various shops inside the hotel, such as hotel bar Ebony, the original location of Clair de Lune restaurant, the original location of Padparacha jewelry store/blacksmith, and an entrance to the Velvet Room.

This ward doesn’t exist at all in the “Other Side” of the Innocent Sin game.